AMPED™ Online Frequently Asked Questions


How do I search for free educational resources?

The search bar to the right allows you to search the entire catalog using a variety of filters. For free items, go to “member price” or “non-member price” and select “FREE” from the pull-down menu and click the search button.

How do I find the most recent resources?

On the search bar to the right, click the “Sort by” pull-down menu and select “Start Date (newest first)” to see the newest items listed first. You can narrow the search by also selecting only one “Topic” in the pull-down menu, e.g., “Genetics.”

How do I get back to the catalog homepage?

You can either click on the Course Catalog button to the menu on the left or type in “” on the address bar. Consider saving in your bookmark toolbar for easy navigation. 


I keep getting the error message "We’re sorry, there is no user that matches that Username and Password. Please try again" when I try to sign in.

To retrieve your username or reset your password, click the “Forget Username or Password?” link on the login page. 

You will receive two emails sent to the preferred email address listed on your membership record. The first will contain your username, the second will be a link to reset your password.


I need a receipt of purchase. How can I get a copy?

On the left menu, click on “My Receipts” to access your orders

I thought I was a member of AMP, but I’m not getting the discounted rate. What do I do? 

Your membership may have lapsed. You can renew your membership online. Don’t forget to renew your membership annually to ensure you always get the discounted rate!

If you are a member, contact

Can I enroll in a free item without an account?

Users must create a FREE account to access any content within AMPED™. You only need to complete the form once. Click the green “create an account” button on the login page to get started. To get discounted rates, become an AMP member!

Can I get refunds?

For live course registrations, refund policies will be written on the course description.

For online courses, all sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

Do you offer institutional pricing?

Yes, for some products. Email to inquire about pricing.

Course Materials:

How do I find the courses that I purchased?

Click on “My classroom” button on the left menu. Log in using your AMP user name and password. You will see all of the programs in which you have enrolled. 

  • Any live courses set to take place in the future can be found in the “future” tab.
  • Any courses you’ve completed or is expired can be found in the “past” tab.
  • All other courses can be found in the “in progress” tab.

Can I share the materials I purchase?

Please note that all downloadable materials are for your use only. No digital files may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means, electronic or mechanical. By purchasing a product, you agree to not share any of the course materials, including videos, downloadable slide presentations, outlines, manuscripts, etc. without explicit and written permission from AMP.

Continuing Education Credits:

I'm not able to click to claim CE...

Many continuing education credit requires you complete watching a webinar, submitting an evaluation, and/or passing a post-test. Be sure that you have fulfilled all of the requirements. 

For videos – be sure that you’ve watched until the end black screen.

For evaluations and post-tests, be sure that you’ve submitted the forms.

You’ll know if you’ve completed an activity if you see a check mark on the top right corner. 

My videos are not marking as complete

There is a bug in the program that is not marking the videos as complete (with a small checkmark on the top right of each video). This is preventing access to other parts of the course such as the post-tests, AMP Certificate, and/or CE. The developers are currently working to resolve it. For now, we have a temporary fix. Please send an email to with the subject line "video not completing" with an explanation of what video you are complete and we will try to resolve it as soon as we possibly can. We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.

I’m trying to claim CE but I can’t find the course in my dashboard

The course may be in your “past” tab. If you are unable to find it there, click on “Transcript” on the left menu.

How do I get my continuing education certificates?

Each course will have different requirements for claiming continuing education credits. Look for a chapter called “Claim Credit” for instructions on course requirements for credit.

I lost my CE certificate. How do I get another copy?

Click on “Transcript” on the left menu to download and/or print a copy of your certificate.

Other Questions and Feedback:

For programmatic/content questions, please contact the AMP Education Office at We also welcome feedback on courses, topic ideas, and suggestions for improving AMPED™ .