Building a Successful Career in a Diverse Cultural Environment


This session will address the need for adaptability, flexibility and offer some strategies to expand your career opportunities amidst cultural diversity. This is the first in a series of webinars that will focus on real-life stories by molecular laboratory staff from a diverse and non-US background who have continued their education, training, and/or clinical practice in the United States.

Learning Objectives 

  • Showcase and highlight the value diverse leaders bring to the workplace.
  • Provide guidance for advancing specific career pathways (e.g., finding mentors, sponsors, scholarships, networking).
  • Learn self-advocacy as a member of an underrepresented community.
  • Role of AMP in helping its members network and connect with role models, mentors, and champions.

Honey V. Reddi, PhD

Belay Diagnostics


Vibhuti Srivastava, PhD, MB(ASCP)

Duration: 1 Hour
Date Recorded: December 12, 2023

Planned and coordinated by the  DEI Working Group. AMP’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) engagement events are developed from feedback received from our members, and are designed to inspire conversation and change, both in workplaces and training programs.