Molecular Pathology Competency: Lymphoid Clonality Testing ADVANCED


This is part of the Molecular Pathology Competency Series which is composed of short videos focused on current topics on molecular pathology. Each topic will have a CORE and ADVANCED video. The CORE will cover core concepts while the ADVANCED video will discuss advanced applications and/or examples.

This advanced concept module reviews PCR- and sequence-based methods of lymphoid clonality testing. The BIOMED-2 PCR sizing assay is considered in-depth, emphasizing important considerations in lymphocyte clonality testing interpretation. Emerging sequence-based clonality assays are introduced, highlighting application of clonotype deep sequencing in minimal/measurable residual disease testing.

Nathan Montgomery, MD PhD
Developed and supported by AMP's Training & Education Committee

 18 min
Level of Instruction: Intermediate
Audience:  Practicing pathologists, as well as those seeking further/advanced training in specific areas of molecular pathology. This series will also benefit specialists in other pathology areas who are learning to sign out molecular results or are incorporating molecular findings into their reports. Molecular laboratory professionals, professionals in industry, and other interested individuals will find these modules of value for updating and broadening their scope of practice.

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