NGS 101: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Next-Generation Sequencing

Please note that this course was created in 2014 and reviewed and approved by the Training & Education Committee as relevant and accurate in 2018. However, new data may now be available and new studies may have since been published.

Check back for an updated NGS course from AMP in the near future. 

Looking to add Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) to your lab? Familiar with NGS but in need of a refresher? This 5-part series on the fundamentals of NGS is for you! Recorded in 2014 and 2015 “NGS 101” is a comprehensive primer on implementing and running NGS in your lab. 

Duration: 5 hours


  • NGS for the Clinic (Recorded :July 23, 2014)
    Birgit Funke PhD, FACMG
  • Viewing and Interpreting Sequencing Data (Recorded: September 11, 2014)
    Patrik Vitazka MD, PhD
  • Validation and Implementation of Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing Based Tests for Inherited Disorders (Recorded: September 10, 2015)
    Avni B. Santani PhD
  • Nomeclature in the Context of NGS Bioinformatics (Recorded: October 29, 2014)
    Robert D. Daber, PhD
  • The Role of Pathologist in Reporting & Communicating Accurate and Succinct Results in the Genomic Era (Recorded:  November 7, 2014)
    Colin C. Pritchard MD, PhD

This webinar series was planned and supported by the Training & Education Committee

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