A Collaborative Educational Event Presented by AMP, PASCV and APHL


Laboratory diagnostics of HIV continue to evolve with antigen/antibody and molecular methods becoming increasingly more sensitive, specific, and rapid. Moreover, laboratory implementation of the CDC/APHL testing algorithm incorporating these assays may result in improved diagnosis of acute HIV but may also be challenging to interpret. The overall goal of this webinar is to discuss diagnostic methods for HIV and the current testing algorithm through the presentation of actual clinical cases. The webinar will conclude with a brief discussion of emerging or novel diagnostic methods and their impact on HIV diagnosis.

Speakers: Cecilia Perret MD & Benjamin Pinsky MD, PhD

Duration: 1 hr

Level of Instruction: Basic



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Course Information
Course Date:
February 22, 2017
Course Objectives
  • Review and discuss current HIV diagnostic methods (serology and molecular).
  • Discuss background behind the current recommendation for diagnostic testing algorithms.
  • Discuss laboratory approaches for test implementation (i.e. automated reflex testing vs. other testing approaches).
  • Resolve cases with challenging interpretations.
  • Discuss the potential impact of new or emerging diagnostics and molecular methods (e.g. detection and differentiation of p 24 antigen and HIV-1/2 antibodies; rapid, low complexity PCR assays) on the diagnosis of HIV.
HIV Diagnostics: Updates in Laboratory Testing and Algorithms Interpretation
Speaker Information
Cecilia Perret MD  [ view bio ]
Benjamin Pinsky MD, PhD   [ view bio ]
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