This product will give you access to the recordings from the Science Educators Workshop (SEW) as well as the pdf slides associated with the presentations.

Launched in 2015, this popular event, held one day prior to the AMP Annual Meeting, is a complimentary workshop for local area high school and college level science faculty. Learn about basic genetics and molecular biology, take a peek into a molecular pathology lab, hear from three molecular diagnosticians about their exciting career paths, and explore innovative educational curricula and best practices from the world-renowned genetics educator, Dr. Louisa Stark.

This online course includes all the recorded presentations from the live course held on June November 15, 2017.

Target audience: High School/College Scienc Educators and their high-level science students.


"I wasn't even aware this field existed, but it is fascinating. Molecular pathology would be a great career choice."  - HS student participant

"I came in knowing minimal amounts about biology, and learned so much about molecular diagnostics." - HS student participant

"extremely informative"  - Teacher participant

Course Information
Course Date:
November 16, 2016
Course Objectives
  • Update teachers/instructors on relevant, timely topics in the clinical molecular diagnostics laboratory.
  • Provide an awareness of the molecular pathology profession through sharing academic and personal life experiences.
  • Explore innovative curricula and educational best practices.
Introduction to Genetics, Genomics, and Molecular Pathology

DNA and Genomics: An Introduction and Overview (30 min)

An introduction to cells and chromosomes, DNA and RNA structure and function, the genetic codes, and how this all relates to molecular pathology and diagnostics.

Speaker: Barbara Anderson, MS, MS


An Introduction to the Pathology Laboratory (30 min)

An introducation to pathology, a look into what a pathology lab looks like, and how the results from the pathology lab help doctors and patients.

Speaker: Tessara Baldi, BS


An Introduction to Molecular Pathology (15 min)

A deeper dive into the field of molecular pathology including how these labs are involved in personalized medicine.

Speaker: Cecilia Yeung, MD

An Overview of Careers in Molecular Pathology

Three molecular pathologists talk about the various paths they took to be where they are today.



Sarah Rapisardo, PhD, DABMGG

Eric Konnick, MD, MS, FCAP

Justyna Sadowska, MBA

Keynote Presentation: Louisa Stark, PhD

Learn about epigenetics and personalized medicine and try the activities featured in this talk by visiting Learn Genetics.

- Speaker: Louisa Stark, PhD

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