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Recent advances in long-read sequencing technologies allows for a more complete identification of DNA and RNA associated with human disease. Two talks will be given to describe a few applications of these technologies.

The first talk will present nanopore sequencing of full-length cDNA from chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) with and without mutation in a splicing factor, SF3B1. SF3B1 is one of the most frequently mutated genes in and is associated with poor patient prognosis. While alternative splicing patterns caused by mutations in SF3B1 using short-read sequencing are known, identifying the full-length isoform changes may better elucidate the functional consequences of these mutations. The talk will describe a computational workflow for transcript analysis called FLAIR (Full-Length Alternative Isoform analysis of RNA), novel findings, and remaining challenges with long-read sequencing approaches for alternative splicing analysis.

The second talk will present single-molecule real time sequencing of influenza. Infection by influenza virus can activate innate immune pathways that help control viral infection. However, these pathways are only rarely activated in single virus-infected cells. This webcast will describe how combining long-read sequencing with other single-cell techniques to determine how mutations in influenza virions affect whether infected cells activate innate immune pathways.

Speakers: Angela N. Brooks, PhD and Jesse D. Bloom, PhD

Moderator: Cecilia S. Yeung, MD

Duration: 1 hr

Level of Instruction: Basic

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Course Information
Course Date:
August 06, 2019
Course Objectives
  • Describe long-read sequencing technology for both bulk and single-cell applications
  • Describe application of long-read technology for cancer transcriptomics and to understand influenza infection
  • Describe benefits and challenges of long-read sequencing
Applications of Long-read Sequencing Technology for Cancer Transcriptomics and to Understand Influenza Infection
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